Initial Enumeration

System Information


C:\xyz> tasklist /svc

Display All Environment Variables

C:\xyz> set

View Detailed Configuration Information

C:\xyz> systeminfo

Patches and Updates

C:\xyz> wmic qfe

Can do this as well with PS

PS C:\xyz> Get-HotFix | ft -AutoSize

Installed Programs

C:\xyz> wmic product get name

Can do this as well with PS

PS C:\xyz> Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_Product |  select Name, Version

Display Running Processes

Display active TCP and UDP connections

PS C:\xyz> netstat -ano

User and Group Information

Logged-In Users

C:\xyz> query user

Curent User

C:\xyz> echo %USERNAME%

Curent User Privileges

C:\xyz> whoami /priv

Current User Group Information

C:\xyz> whoami /groups

Get All Users

C:\xyz> net user

Get All Groups

C:\xyz> net localgroup

Details About a Group

C:\xyz> net localgroup administrators

Get Password Policy & Other Account Information

C:\xyz> net accounts