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Cheat Sheet IAD

General Commands

Returns a list of loaded PowerShell Modules.

Get-Command -Module ActiveDirectory
Lists commands for the module specified.

Get-Help <cmd-let>
Shows help syntax for the cmd-let specified.

Import-Module ActiveDirectory Imports the Active Directory Module

Active Directory PowerShell Commands

AD User Commands

New-ADUser -Name "first last" -Accountpassword (Read-Host -AsSecureString "Super$ecurePassword!") -Enabled $true -OtherAttributes @{'title'="Analyst";'mail'="[email protected]"}
Add a user to AD and set attributes.

Remove-ADUser -Identity <name>
Removes a user from AD with the identity of 'name'.

Unlock-ADAccount -Identity <name>
Unlocks a user account with the identity of 'name'.

Set-ADAccountPassword -Identity <'name'> -Reset -NewPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString -AsPlainText "NewP@ssw0rdReset!" -Force)
Set the password of an AD user to the password specified.

Set-ADUser -Identity amasters -ChangePasswordAtLogon $true
Force a user to change their password at next logon attempt.

AD Group Commands

New-ADOrganizationalUnit -Name "name" -Path "OU=folder,DC=domain,DC=local"
Create a new AD OU container named "name" in the path specified.

New-ADGroup -Name "name" -SamAccountName analysts -GroupCategory Security -GroupScope Global -DisplayName "Security Analysts" -Path "CN=Users,DC=domain,DC=local" -Description "Members of this group are Security Analysts under the IT OU"
Create a new security group named "name" with the accompanying attributes.

Add-ADGroupMember -Identity 'group name' -Members 'ACepheus,OStarchaser,ACallisto'
Add an AD user to the group specified.

GPO Commands

Copy-GPO -SourceName "GPO to copy" -TargetName "Name"
Copy a GPO for use as a new GPO with a target name of "name".

Set-GPLink -Name "Security Analysts Control" -Target "ou=Security Analysts,ou=IT,OU=HQ-NYC,OU=Employees,OU=Corp,dc=LEGALCORP,dc=LOCAL" -LinkEnabled Yes
Link a GPO for use to a specific OU or security group.

Computer Commands

Add-Computer -DomainName 'legalcorp.local' -Credential 'LEGALCORP\user_adm' -Restart
Add a new computer to the domain using the credentials specified.

Add-Computer -ComputerName 'name' -LocalCredential '.\localuser' -DomainName 'legalcorp.local' -Credential 'LEGALCORP\user_adm' -Restart
Remotely add a computer to a domain.

Get-ADComputer -Identity "name" -Properties * | select CN,CanonicalName,IPv4Address
Check for a computer named "name" and view its properties.